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Origin Fabrication will build to specification or solve your challenges and meet your specific needs. We offer our capabilities as needed, which include fast lead times and quality production. With decades of combined experience in structural and non-structural fabrication, we have delivered projects ranging from long structural lifting beams to small custom mechanical equipment.

Fiber Laser

HS-3015A 4000-Watt Sheet laser metal cutting system

  • Machining work area 120” x 60” approximate/3000mm x 1500mm​
  • X axis travel 118”/3000mm​
  • Y axis travel 60”/1500mm​
  • Z axis travel 10.5”/270mm​
  • X/Y positional accuracy +/-.001”/+/-.03mm​
  • X/Y repeatable accuracy +/-.0008”/+/-.02mm​
  • Maximum Rapid travel speed  3540” /min/90 m/min​
  • Maximum acceleration 1.5G​


Origin’s plate processing is top of the line with two 5’x10’ 1530 OMAX water jets. One of which is a 5 axis waterjet.

  • Speed 500 in/min
  • Linear positional accuracy +/- 0.003”
  • Repeatability +/- 0.001”
  • Ballbar Circularity +/- 0.005”

CNC Precision Machining

  • 4 HAAS milling machines
    • 3 – VF-2
    • 1 – VF-3
    • 1 – VF-OE
  • 3 HAAS lathe machines
    • 2 – VF-20
    • 1– ST-35
  • Tolerances Capabilities: up to .005+
  • Axis: Up to 4 Axis capabilities
  • XYZ machine capabilities: 5’ x 3’ x 6”

Precision Bending & Forming

Origin has a highly skilled and experienced metal forming team. With this team and two CNC metal press brakes in combination with other tooling provides the tools to build to specification with high accuracy.

  • 1- 25 ton press brake
  • 1- 50 ton press brake
  • 2- large arbor presses
  • 1- large sheet metal roll
  • 1- structural roll
  • All types of sheet metal hardware installation equipment

Certified Welding

The ORIGIN Welding team has 9 certified welders and can handle an structural or non-structural welding in most all applications.

  • Certifications in GMAW, SMAW, GTAW. Certifications include stainless, aluminum, and steel. Codebooks include d1.1, d1.2 and d1.6. 
  • Our TIG welding service offers superior quality weld beads, cleaner weldment, and a lower heat-affected zone. Our material capabilities include aluminum, stainless, and carbon steel. 
  • Our mobile field team can assemble and commission projects. We also offer maintenance and repairs on all types of equipment.

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